My name is Alex Pevzner and I built the China program of The Israel Project. The China program, the first ever of its kind, was aimed at providing Chinese reporters with facts and information about Israel, ensuring better understanding between the peoples. Prior to that, I worked for over five years as a staff reporter of Dow Jones Newswires in Taiwan, covering the economy, financial markets, and cross-strait ties. I studied modern Chinese in Tsinghua University in Beijing, classical Chinese in National Taiwan Normal University, and East Asian Studies and International Relations at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
My specialties are strategic communications, outreach to Chinese media and elites, public relations, development and management of programs, public opinion research, research and fundraising. I’m interested in the Chinese media and Chinese politics and economy, as well as Chinese history and Israel-China ties.

I can help you with the following:

  • Strategy vis-à-vis the Chinese media and government

  • Public and government relations

  • Arranging interviews with journalists across China

  • Sending materials to thousands of Chinese journalists

  • Developing business missions to and from China

  • Communications strategy and media tours