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To whom ever it may concern,

I am Yue Xu, a reporter from China Business Network Weekly. I am writing this letter to express my gratitude and praise to The Israel Project and Alex Pevzner. The given helps by TIP tremendously assisted me to carry out all my interviews in Israel from Mar.18 to Mar. 26.

Last year when I first met Alex Pevzner and Emma Afterman, I briefly told them CBN Weekly’s plan on doing stories on Israeli hi-tech companies and internet companies. Alex and Emma suggested me a list of good companies and interviewees meeting our expectation very soon. After the final list was determined, Emma contacted the companies and people for us, which I believe required a lot of patience.

During my visit in Israel, Emma arranged a taxi for me to facilitate my transportations and save my time. She sometimes even accompanied with me to do the interviews. Since my time in Israel was not long, the whole schedule set by Emma was efficient. Furthermore, TIP covered a part of taxi fare for me, which saved our budget a lot. I really appreciate Emma’s work.

Another thing I would like to point out is the helicopter trip absolutely offered me a magnificent view of Israel. I appreciate TIP’s arrangement and the explanations during the helicopter trip.

Finally, I also wanted to say thank you to Alex and Emma’s families. They were so hospitable and nice.

The stories will come out as cover story, feature stories and columns.



Yue Xu